Riverdale Retirement Homes


At Riverdale Retirement Resort-home away from home for seniors over sixty years of age, we are giving assisted living care. As long as the resident individual is healthy and able to manage daily chores of life they are free to do whatever they wish, and continue a normal life which the individual resident is accustomed to. When help is needed our dedicated staff and management are here to provide all possible services to make life easy and comfortable and meaningful.

Riverdale currently having all three types of units (deluxe rooms with attached bath measuring 500 sq. ft.; double rooms with attached bath measuring about 450 sq. ft.; and single rooms with attached bath measuring about 250 sq. ft.) available in our ground floor and first floor. The initial deposit for all units is calculated at the rate of Rs. 1320.00 per sq. ft. On the ground floor, and ten percent more on the first floor, and the living expenses are on a sharing basis including water, electric power, housekeeping both veg. and non veg. meals and laundry and security, which comes around Rs. 6000.00 per month per person. Medicines, medical care, and surgical procedures and home nursing service are the responsibility of individual resident.


  • To organize the retired and make them independent, among the same age group.
  • To find safty, security, food and freedom from loneliness for the aged – and provide health care as per the wishes of the individual.

Now is the best time to become a Riverdale Retirement Condominium owner and experience all the benefits of a life style you are so accustomed to all the social, recreational and cultural opportunities, and peace of mind.


At Riverdale, your lifestyle can be as busy or as carefree as you desire. The only thing you will have to keep up is your own lively lifestyle.

  • Elegant dining hall with choice menu.
  • Supervision of a licenced dietician to meet the specific and nutritional requirements of each resident in the community.
  • Sufficient qualified staff to looafter the comforts of the residents


Library , indoor and outdoor games, swimming pool, boating, fishing, health club etc.

Health care

  • Round the clock nursing care.
  • “Doctor on call” service to handle medical emergencies and monthly consultation.
  • Preferencial medical services at major medical centers in Ernakulam area


  • Individuals can follow their own relegious customs.
  • No restrictions on movements outside the community.

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