What are Retirement Homes


Advent of retired life throws up many challenges and causes massive disruptions in our lives as well as that of our near and dear ones. Circumstances in our lives lead to many of us finding that we do not have anyone to look after us once we retire. Our family members live in various parts of the world and, because of many compulsions, find it difficult to come back to be with us when we need them most. In such situations, professional care providers who operate living facilities prove to be a big boon for us. Such living facilities are called retirement homes.

Of late, there has been a great surge in the demand for retirement homes. Some of the factors that have contributed to this are as follows:

  • The increase in the proportion of the aged population due to the advances in medical science.
  • The breakdown of the joint family system. In earlier times, we were used to living with generations of our family in one home. With the nuclear family culture of the present times, the elderly find it difficult to find a place in the scheme of things.
  • Globalization and the resultant employment opportunities across the world that has prompted younger professionals to leave their homes. The higher standards of living, especially in many western countries, force these professionals to settle with their families in these places. This lead to their parents being left alone back home.

Retirement Home Facilities

Modern-day retirement homes are well-equipped to take care of us. These facilities ensure that we lead very fulfilling lives in our sunset years. These homes are usually built in scenic locations with pleasant climatic conditions.

Some of the features and facilities that you can find in a good retirement home are the following:

  • Personalized care
  • Friendly ambience with lot of fun and music
  • Sprawling campuses with abundant open spaces
  • Elderly-friendly design of the indoor spaces
  • Relaxation and entertainment facilities that suit the elderly
  • Medical facilities including round-the-clock availability of medical professionals

Technology in Elderly Care

Technological advances of recent times, especially the proliferation of the internet, have brought about many changes in the way the elderly live their lives. Retirement homes also use the benefits of these technological advances in the care they provide to their inmates. Some of the ways in which you can find modern retirement homes putting technology to use for their benefit are the following:

  • Communication tools like web-chat for inmates to interact with their relatives
  • Other internet-based features like social networking that can keep the elderly engaged and be in touch with friends and relatives
  • Entertainment facilities like home theatre, channel music, cable TV, etc.
  • Electronic security systems that can monitor the movements of the elderly and ensure that they are safe at all times
  • Modern healthcare facilities

Advantages of Living in a Retirement Home

Some of the benefits of living in a good retirement home are the following:

  • You will live a life of high quality
  • You will have a good social life
  • It will offer you security and privacy
  • Your healthcare needs will be taken care off

Retirement homes can never be a replacement for living your elderly life with your near and dear ones. But as the next best option, finding a retirement home that is best suited for you will ensure that you lead a fulfilling retired life.

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